• Solon Bucholtz CEO Solon has been an entrepeuner from early on in his life. LBC studios is the culmination of years of experience in business as well as the vision and dream of identifying emerging markets and creating a cutting edge tech product that fulfills the marketplace. For years Solon has been an advocate of medical marijuana and recognized the off shoot industries and opportunities as a result of the changing social trends towards this commodity. Further with a desire to be involved in the tech and gaming industry and leaving a mark through creative design on this planet, LBC studios and Hempire was Born. Hempire is Solon's dream and co-vision and the time is now to nurture its growth. Solon is excited , dedicated, and passionate to launch Hempire in 2016 and revolutionize the mobile gaming industry and the cannabis culture with its success.

    Contact Solon directly at solon@lbcstudios.ca

  • Dennis Molloy President Dennis is an entrepreneur and businessman that has been running companies since 18 years of age, starting with the launch and management of a family owned and operated franchise. Over the following decade Dennis has been involved with multiple companies ranging from skilled trades and contracting, through to cofounding two tech startups. After creating the concept and original draft design of Hempire, he founded LBC Studios in partnership with life-long friend and visionary, Solon Bucholtz. LBC Studios and its title Hempire, have been his sole focus since founding the company in 2015.

    Dennis is President and co-founder of LBC Studios, as well as President and co-founder of Grizzly Force labor, a start-up based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Contact Dennis directly at dennis@lbcstudios.ca