Who We Are

Who We Are

LBC Studios is a private company located in Langley, British Columbia and was founded in February, 2015 by Solon Bucholtz and Dennis Molloy. LBC was founded with the sole purpose of the creation and development of the first AAA quality, Marijuana themed mobile application for the Apple and Android platforms.

After their first round of funding, LBC Studios, in concert with Adrian Crook and Associates of Vancouver began design of what would soon become Hempire. In August 2015, LBC Studios signed a development contract with Lumentech Brazil, to handle the core engineering and development of Hempire.

Hempire is a mobile game that follows the freemium based model of monetization and will be available across North America on iOS and Android at the end of summer 2016. The team creating Hempire is composed of 30 people spanning three continents, and comprises more than a century of game production experience. Our team members have been integral to the production of more than 100 titles ranging from the Need For Speed Racing franchise, to Zynga’s Fronteirville.

For more information on Hempire visit www.hempiregame.com

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