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We’re focused on building a mobile game that brings together the gaming community and cannabis enthusiasts in a fun way.

Solon Bucholtz, CEO

LBC Studios is an independent game studios founded in Langley, British Columbia in 2015 by Solon Bucholtz and Dennis Molloy. LBC was founded first with the purpose of the creation and development of a AAA-quality, marijuana-themed mobile game.

LBC studios first title “Hempire”​ was launched worldwide on April 20,2017. The team creating Hempire is composed of over 20 people based out of a Vancouver, BC office that have been integral to the production of over 100 video game titles.


Development begins on Hempire
Hempire Launches Worldwide on April 20th
Hempire celebrates its first 3 million installs
Hempire reaches top 15 on iOS Grossing charts
Hempire celebrates it’s 5 millionth install
Hempire celebrates it’s 10 millionth install
LBC Studios Ranks No. 3 On The 2019 Startup 50

Our Team


“Building a thriving company with my partner that honours a positive message around cannabis and strengthens the tech sector in my community continues to be a privilege. The results speak to the quality of the team we have surrounded ourselves with. Driven by passion and purpose, I look forward to continuing to build LBC studios as a world-class gaming studio.”

Solon Bucholtz
Co-Founder / CEO


Dennis Molloy
Co-Founder / CPO


“It means a lot to me that we positively contribute to the day-to-day lives of our players, and that we’ve cultivated meaningful relationships with our Community, and our team of All-Star Devs.”

Jaymee Mak
Associate Creative Producer


“Being a part of LBC Studios is a very rewarding experience that I wouldn’t be able to have anywhere else. I get to work amongst an incredibly skilled team and deliver a game that I know the community loves.”

Michael Cheal
Art Lead

Working at LBC is an absolute privilege. I’m proud of both our team’s accomplishments and the tight-knit community that we’ve fostered. We don’t just grow games, we grow communities.

Andrew Hamilton
Community Manager


“Few game studios deliver the way LBC does. We’re truly flat, enjoy massive personal/professional freedoms, step up to complete ownership of our disciplines, and we commit to growth and excellence at every level. In short, we walk the talk, and I’m proud to be here.”

Isaac Calon


“I’ve worked in the gaming industry over a decade. There’s something about creating something out of an idea that people can then interact with around the world that I find amazing.”

Todd Desgagne
QA Manager


“Game development is a lifelong study, and there is something very special about building vibrant communities, and games that people find engaging. I’m lucky to be able to continue this pursuit with the incredibly talented people that work at LBC.”

Ryan Prince
Product Manager