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Piper Courtenay, for The Georgia Straight:

It’s hard to imagine that a tiny indie game hub tucked into the heart of Gastown—with just 30 “hemployees”—is responsible for a product beloved by millions of pocket gamers the world over. That is, until you step into the headquarters. Lining the walls of LBC Studios are intricate art, handwritten letters, and smiley selfies, much of which has been submitted by fans crediting the company’s inaugural product—a weed-themed game—with helping them overcome depression and isolation.

“I can’t believe some of the stories I hear from our players. It’s overwhelming,” says CEO Solon Bucholtz while touring a Georgia Straight reporter around the studio. “We set out to make the world’s best cannabis game but have managed to create a huge social platform for the community inside of the world’s best cannabis game.”

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