Interview with Fyber on Marketing lessons that helped grow Hempire

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The cannabis industry is huge and showing no signs of slowing down. With cannabis soon to become legal in Canada, and many U.S. states already allowing recreational use, it’s poised to become a $32 billion industry by 2020.

What was once a niche, underground movement is going mainstream. But one Canadian mobile developer is already ahead of the curve, having built a successful gaming studio around a single title—the weed growing game Hempire.

Vancouver-based LBC Studios has kept their small team of 20 focused firmly on delivering the best weed farm game on the app stores, while also staying smart when it comes to marketing. It has resulted in over six million installs since Hempire’s worldwide launch in April 2017.

In this exclusive interview, LBC’s marketing director Kevan O’Brien took some time out to explain how marketing lessons from the non-gaming world have helped fuel Hempire’s success.

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