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At LBC Studios, we are taking GDPR seriously.

While a large part of our audience is located within Europe, we have applied the GDPR best practices to our entire product offering.

Each of our users were notified of our updates in-game, and new first-time users receive an updated document and pre-launch confirmation button.  We took the steps to notify users of how we track Cookies on our website in our Privacy and Cookies Policy, and updated our Terms of Use in each of the languages our game is localized in.

So, what is GDPR?

We work closely with a variety of partners, from attribution companies to ad networks.  To ensure full transparency, we went above and beyond to provide our users with an In-App Advertising Terms document as well. In addition to this, we felt it would be beneficial to share with you the updates some of our major partners provided us, and allow you the chance to review how they are treating your data post-GDPR.

The team at LBC Studios