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Gene Park

Fave game: I enjoy all types of games from casual to RPG genres, so it’s hard to say what my favourite game is. These days I’m spending most of my game time on Hempire!

Strengths: I’m a numbers guy so I’m very driven by data and statistics. Forecasting financial goals, learning about user behaviour, performance marketing – anything that involves numbers and analysing is my strength. Our goal as a marketing team is to effectively attract millions of users to LBC titles.

Hobbies: Outside of work, I try to spend most of my time with family. From time to time, I like to work on side projects like game development, and content creation for my YouTube channels (Moss Art and Gaming). This a bit of a stretch, but whatever leftover time I have, I aim to dedicate it towards training so that I can complete an Ironman race one day!

Marketing Director

Laura Ko

Fave game: I have many, but Mario Party and Persona 5 are ones that I think I’ll always enjoy. For board games, I also enjoy Scythe and Wingspan. If it has great game design that gets the mind going, or cute characters and great music, sign me up!

Strengths: I’m passionate in learning the “why” behind what I do, and working together in a team setting. I also enjoy utilizing creative-thinking and an open perspective to think of solutions to the challenges I encounter.

Hobbies: Board games and karaoke. Love a good night in with friends to relax and puzzle things out through some mind-stimulating challenges!

Product Marketing Manager

Li Fei

Fave Game: There are so many of them, I enjoy all kinds of games, PC, console, mobile, tabletop, you name it. That’s the reason I devote myself into the game industry. If I have to choose, I’d say Magic the Gathering gave me the most inspiration and joy.

Strengths: I master things fast by finding the principle underneath the hood, and glad to sharing my findings to others. I value resourcefulness and open-mindedness, that shaped me to a great problem solver.

Hobbies: Other than enjoying games with my friend and family, I love outdoor events, cooking and great movies. I’m also really into music and decided to learn an instrument this year.

Lead Game Designer

Michael Cheal

Fave game: If I had to choose, it would have to be Bloodborne. The incredible worldbuilding, tough-as-nails gameplay and the attention to detail with its lore and inspirations is unmatched.

Strengths: I come from a varied background in art and design, and try to apply my knowledge and experiences to help make awesome games. My goal is to build and support an art team who feel they can excel and grow within the industry, all while creating amazing and beautiful games while we’re at it!

Hobbies: Besides playing video and board games with my friends and family, I’m an avid film fan. I also try to get outdoors whenever I have the chance with hiking, kayaking and camping.

Art Lead

Morgan Lackey

Fave game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. My sister and I did not have a game console growing up, but every Sunday our family friend would bring his Nintendo 64 to our house and we would play. Ocarina of Time was the first game we completed together as a team from start to finish.

Strengths: I have been known to be the “glue” that brings and holds a team together while driving a company forward in goals and achievements. For me, it is about aligning teams with a common philosophy and purpose and cultivating the “why” behind showing up every morning.

Hobbies: I have been an equestrian for over 30 years and lucky enough to have owned horses. When I am not spending time at the stable, I like to cook, kickbox, hike, camp, and travel (Las Vegas is my second home!).

HR & Culture Manager

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