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Customer Support means many things.

We are the heroes, saving the world from misfortune. We are the villains, enforcing the standards of fair play. We are the detectives, solving the puzzles of missing diamonds and lost progress. And we also get to be the spouse in a dysfunctional relationship that some just need to yell at. 

In the world of CS, if everything goes right then you’re out of a job. So you learn to embrace a world where anything can and does go wrong, and face problems every day. Those problems are often frustrating for players as well, and it is our nature as people to express that discontent.

But while working in support we’ve learned to look at the deeper meaning behind a player’s frustration. Players are upset because they like the game, and something has stopped them from enjoying it. We understand that their anger is not indicative of hate, but of a love for the game and the Hempire community, and we know by staying focused on the needs of the gamer and helping them out that even the most outraged of players can become the most friendly of people. Sometimes it’s enough just having someone willing to listen and help, and that is what we strive to be as a support team.

That may seem like CS is all about fun and friends, but we also serve another important role. To the players we are the face of the company, representing how much it cares for their individual needs. And to the company we are the voice of the players, the pipeline from which their wants and needs are channeled through. We are the link through which both parties can interact.

Hempire was born and raised upon the feedback of our players, and it is the role of CS to record every request, suggestion, idea, or need that a player expresses to us. We then convey them to the development team to determine what we can do to make as many of them possible as we can. And I would encourage all players to send in their thoughts and feedback, and share with us their vision of the future for Hempire, because this is a game we build together, player and developer alike. And we in support are proud of our role as the bridge that makes that possible.

“Hempire customer service has been the best. I had lost my account and they worked with me to get it recovered. The process was unsuccessful due to lack of information I could provide but they were willing to give me a generic account or booster package to make up for the loss. Really cool if you ask me. ”  –Michael

“That is first class support. That is the only issue I’ve had, the game is so much fun though. looking forward to playing for a long time.”  –James

“Through my nearly two year adventure with Hempire, I have had nothing but great help and timely responses. At some points even when there was no explanation on how my game messed up, Hempire support was there for me to work through every issue, question, comment or concern I have ever had. 9.5/10”  –Jonathan

“The Hempire support team has always been most excellent in their helpfulness and response time. I had issues changing my profile name and was very pleased with how fast this issue was resolved once I took a moment to contact them. And it literally only took a minute to report the issue, and was resolved the same day!!! Thanx Hempire Support” –T.R.


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